Leo Jacobs is the founder of Jacobs, P.C., a law firm he created set on representing, advocating, and counseling clients on a variety of routine and complex issues faced by them.

Leo’s principal practice areas are in court and out-of-court restructuring of a corporation’s debt and equity interests. Apart from that, often Leo’s clients are faced with fiduciary and agency questions as well as quasi-white-collar issues.

Corporate transactions, Corporate crime, and Business Disputes are Leo’s principal practice areas. Corporate transactions, Corporate crime, and Business Disputes are Leo’s principal practice areas. Prior to that, he served as General Counsel at New York Equity Management, LLC a privately held company that focused on the full life-cycle of real estate litigation finance investments (acquisition, construction, development, management, leasing, and sale) and held a portfolio of distressed and other commercial and residential properties.
His role straddled legal and business issues, from advising management on commercial matters, litigation, real estate, and compliance to spearheading efforts that increased the value of the firm’s properties upon sale.

Prior to that, Leo served as an associate attorney at the prominent administrative and environmental law firm, Cohen Hochman & Allen, in downtown Manhattan. At Cohen Hochman, Leo defended and advanced the interests of high-profile management before Federal, State, and New York City government agencies and the courts. He represented clients across a range of industries and under various regulatory regimes, including health, transportation, sanitation, air, water, hospitality, and waste removal. During his tenure at the firm, he appeared daily in court and was recognized for his ability to address novel compliance issues, reduce violations and negotiate settlements with governmental and civil litigants. Leo’s non-profit and community service are unparalleled.

Currently, Leo functions as the Chief Counsel to the Bukharian Jewish People as he serves at the pleasure of the President Leon Nektalov and the Corporate Board of the Bukharian Jewish Community Center. As the Counsel, he on a pro bono basis handles the day-to-day issues of its’ people. He has dedicated hours of service to them.

Leo’s core competencies: investment management, asset management, real estate, corporate law, business counsel, acquisitions, leasing, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, negotiation, administrative law, compliance, corporate governance, analysis, and outside counsel management.

Education & Admissions

Juris Doctor - New York Law School

Concentration Labor and Employment, Management Side

B.B.A Cognitive Psychology, Cum Laude - Queens College

Golden Key International Honor Society

Practice Areas

  • Chapter 11 Re-organization
  • Out-of-Court Restructuring
  • In Court Restructuring
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Business Disputes
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Regulatory Defense
  • Regulatory Opinion
  • Special Counsel
  • Bankruptcy Fraud Defense
  • Special Purpose Vehicle Structure
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Corporate Governance
  • Management side employment disputes

Bar Admissions

  • Supreme Court of the United States, 2017
  • Tax Court of the United States, 2019
  • Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 2016
  • Southern District of New York, 2015
  • Eastern District of New York, 2015
  • Northern District of New York, 2015
  • Western District of New York, 2015
  • New York, Second Department, 2013
  • New Jersey, pending
  • Washington D.C., pending

Bar Affiliations

  • New York State Bar Association
  • Federal Bar Association