William Buzzini

Law Clerk

Bill is a lifelong learner. After fifteen years of intense study of Talmudic law, Bill took up the study of American law at St. John’s University, where he recently received his Juris Doctor. Bill applies his combined legal disciplines to his work at Jacobs PC, which allows him to cut to the heart of any matter with the support of decisive legal authority.

During law school, Bill was a staff member of the New York Real Property Law Journal and studied the fundamentals of real estate transactions and development extensively, securing financing and bankruptcy. When he worked for Judge Beckerman in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, he developed an intimate knowledge of a bankruptcy judge’s role. He furthered his bankruptcy and commercial litigation experience during law school working part-time for Howard Magaliff at R3M, where he worked on novel legal issues that defined the contours of the areas of law they touched on.

Additionally, Bill has worked for the United States Court of International Trade and the Commercial Division of the New York State Court System. There, he gained practical experience in the appellate review, exposure to the dynamics of administrative law, and insights into the inner workings of state court proceedings.

Bill has gained tremendously from his nearly two decades of experience and is a valuable addition to the staff at Jacobs P.C.

Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Litigation


  • Took the Bar Exam – 2022