Our Capabilities: Why Hire Jacobs P.C.?

To answer why hire Jacobs PC, you must first look at the problem the client is facing. We live in New York City where not all matters are created equal, and the attorney you hire may make all the difference.

There are generally three to four types of law firms in New York: solo, boutique, mid-size, and large format. Our firm is boutique with a focus: that focus being commercial litigation and business bankruptcy.

When you engage the firm, you’re engaging an aggressive and intelligent set of Attorneys. You engage us because you have an immediate threat to your financial liberty or your financial independence has already been compromised and taken away, and that independence needs to be restored or there will be grave and great consequences.

This client needs an experienced team to come in swiftly – without the proverbial red tape, such as ones that may exist in mid-size or large firms, and address the aggressor, or pain-point, while the larger strategy takes place.

What types of litigation does Jacobs PC take on?

We handle a variety of complex matters. Our two specialities are commercial litigation and bankruptcy. With respect to commercial litigation, we represent large and small businesses, as well as high net-worth individuals, in disputes concerning real estate, partnership disputes, labor and employment issues and even white collar criminal issues.

Our bankruptcy practice is equally vast. We represent businesses and individuals in all types of bankruptcy proceedings. We also note that in many instances our vast experience in these two fields causes issues to merge. That is, a client may initially come to our office in what they think is a run-of-the-mill commercial litigation issue that is really best resolved in the bankruptcy courts.

Describe why you believe your team works differently for your clients. How can you project a positive outcome when the legal matter is complex?

Ideally the outcome we strive to project, is a wholesome view of the client running the company and that business prospering; that is the square we attempt to fit into the peg, as they say.

Oftentimes, you don’t come to us if you have a relatively simple road problem, you come to us if your problem is large and disruptive, and in many instances unique, and you’re looking for a creative solution to it.

These clients are not only experiencing a financial problem, but are experiencing a mental and psychological barrier figuring out how to get past these business disruptive difficulties.

We are able to leverage our past experiences, due diligence – discovery, strategy and preparation, to provide insight on how not only to overcome these disruptions, but to reach a claimed business objective of the client.