ZAVŌ Restaurant & Lounge


After ZAVŌ Restaurant & Lounge stopped paying rent on its 15,000-square-foot space at 1011 Third Avenue in March 2020, landlord Olshan Properties sued to collect at least $795,000 from owner Ilya Zavolunov and his father Michael, who personally guaranteed ZAVŌ’s 15-year lease.


ZAVŌ’s lawyer, Leo Jacobs, argued that the default occurred only after the three-day grace period ended, which happened to be days after the city law went into effect. (Though passed in May 2020, the law was retroactive to March 7 and later extended through June 30, 2021.) The court sided with Jacobs and ruled in favor of the tenants in April, but Olshan filed an appeal. A state appellate court heard the case last week, and now the parties await their decision.

Media coverage:
Queens Daily Eagle